Techfruits and PureStorage Unveil Innovation at Exclusive Customer Event

Techfruits and PureStorage recently hosted an innovative event in Chennai, tailored for valued customers. CEO Mr. Sureshkumar, Director Mr. Lenin Christopher, and PureStorage experts Sudharsan Aravamuthan and Naveen Anand presented insights on the groundbreaking FlashBlade//S. The event’s success was underscored by a customer presentation, networking sessions, and PureStorage’s consecutive leadership recognition in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Primary Storage. The event showcased a collaborative vision for the future of storage solutions, marking a transformative experience for attendees.

Techfruits, Adobe, and Ingram Unveil the Future of Creativity in Collaborative Event

Techfruits, Adobe, and Ingram joined forces on October 30, 2019, presenting the future of creativity through Adobe Creative Cloud. Led by Chetan Jadhav’s insightful presentation, industry leaders Lenin Christopher, Chetan Jadhav, Tapan Chaturvedi, and Suresh Kumar charted a collaborative course for innovation.

Techfruits Unveils Vibrant Media Spectacle Showcasing Eizo Monitors and EVO Storage

In a dazzling showcase of cutting-edge technology, Techfruits’ recent media event on October 23, 2019, unfolded as a vibrant spectacle, placing the spotlight on “Eizo Monitors and EVO Storage.” Guided by visionary leaders Lenin Christopher and Suresh Kumar, the event delved into the heart of media-centric solutions, with key insights provided by Mr. James, adding an extra layer of expertise to the unveiling of EVO storage.

Techfruits Annual Day Celebrations Mark a Day of Unity, Achievement, and Fun

Techfruits Annual Day Celebrations on June 1, 2019, became a memorable saga of unity, achievement, and joy. Director Mr. Lenin’s insightful overview set the tone for a day filled with reflection, recognition, and fun. The interactive session allowed employees to share their thoughts, fostering a sense of community. With spirited games, the beach breeze, and the delightful recognition of outstanding performers by Chief Guests Mrs. and Mr. V.G.P. Rajadas, the celebration was a perfect blend of achievement and festivity. As the sun set on this joyous occasion, the Techfruits family reveled in the shared success and looked forward to the promising year ahead.

Techfruits, Oracle, and Redington Join Forces to Illuminate the Future of Business Solutions

Chennai: In a strategic collaboration, Techfruits orchestrated a highly informative event alongside industry giants Oracle and Redington on the 12th of March 2019. The focal point of the event was the skillful presentation on “Oracle Database Appliance – The Cloud-Ready Engineered System for Business.” Renowned speakers delved into the technical intricacies of the product, showcasing its cutting-edge features and providing a comprehensive analysis of its competition. The event proved to be a melting pot of industry expertise, with the speakers engaging the audience in insightful discussions about the unparalleled benefits of Oracle Database Appliance. Attendees were not merely passive listeners; instead, they actively participated in dialogues that shed light on the technical nuances of the product and its distinct advantages in a competitive landscape. The speakers, leveraging their profound knowledge, navigated through the Cloud-ready features of Oracle Database Appliance, elucidating how it stands as an engineered system poised to transform the business landscape. The audience, comprising industry professionals and enthusiasts, expressed their satisfaction at gaining invaluable insights into these leading-edge products. One of the highlights of the event was the interactive session where attendees had the opportunity to delve deeper into the technical benefits of the product features. The competition analysis, presented with finesse, allowed the audience to make informed decisions in an ever-evolving technological ecosystem. Techfruits, with its commitment to providing innovative solutions, created an environment where attendees not only learned about the Oracle Database Appliance but also understood its positioning in the market. The collaborative effort with Oracle and Redington showcased a synergy that goes beyond individual products, aiming to empower businesses with the latest advancements in technology. As the event concluded, the air was buzzing with positive feedback, indicating that attendees left with more than just knowledge—they gained a profound understanding of the leading products in the industry. Techfruits, Oracle, and Redington, through this collaborative venture, have set the stage for businesses to embark on a transformative journey towards cutting-edge, Cloud-ready solutions. The event stands as a testament to the commitment of these industry leaders in driving innovation and shaping the future of technology solutions for businesses.

Techfruits and Seqrite Collaborate for a Successful Technology Showcase on November 22, 2018

In a remarkable collaboration between Techfruits and Seqrite, the technology landscape witnessed a significant event on November 22, 2018. Seqrite’s technology specialists took the stage, offering a detailed overview of their cutting-edge products, tailored precisely to meet the diverse needs of the ever-evolving IT landscape. The event, spearheaded by visionary leader Lenin Christopher, Founder and Director of Techfruits, proved to be a resounding success, fostering meaningful interactions and discussions among participants.

Techfruits and DELL EMC Unleash the Power of Converged Solutions in Collaborative Event

Techfruits and DELL EMC recently joined forces in a groundbreaking event, illuminating the potential of converged, server, and storage solutions to drive real results in IT transformation. The collaborative showcase, attended by industry leaders and professionals from various IT firms, featured live demonstrations and discussions that provided a firsthand look at the transformative power of these cutting-edge technologies. With an expert from the Artificial Intelligence industry delving into the nuances of Business Analysis, the event emerged as a hub for knowledge exchange, leaving attendees enriched with valuable insights into addressing diverse customer needs. The interactive session created a dynamic environment, fostering collaborative learning and highlighting the event’s significance in propelling businesses towards sustained growth in the digital era.

Techfruits Solutions Pvt Ltd Annual Meet Ignites Unity and Joy on May 1, 2018

Techfruits Solutions Pvt Ltd’s Annual Meet on May 1, 2018, transcended the boundaries of a typical corporate gathering, blossoming into a celebration of unity, joy, and shared moments. From heart-to-heart discussions that strengthened the organizational bond to a cascade of fun-filled activities, including magic shows and juggling acts, the event was a tapestry of laughter and engagement. With employees and their families joining in the festivities, the day unfolded as a memorable occasion, highlighting the harmonious blend of professional achievement and familial togetherness at Techfruits.

Techfruits Hosts Insightful Event Showcasing HPE’s Cutting-Edge Products: SimpliVity and Nimble Storage

Techfruits recently hosted an enlightening event, placing the spotlight on HPE’s cutting-edge products, SimpliVity and Nimble Storage. The gathering of Techfruits valued customers immersed them in the transformative capabilities of these solutions. The presentations unveiled the power of HPE SimpliVity in simplifying IT infrastructure and explored the reliability and cloud-ready features of HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash hybrid arrays. The event culminated with satisfied customers enjoying a technical snack, fostering a collaborative atmosphere and leaving attendees with a deeper appreciation for the potential of these innovative HPE offerings.

Techfruits Unveils Power-Packed Event: Spotlight on High Performance Computing and Aruba Networks

Techfruits recently hosted a groundbreaking event, spotlighting the transformative potential of High Performance Computing (HPC) and the cutting-edge solutions offered by Aruba Networks. Held on April 26, 2017, the event unveiled how HPE’s HPC solutions empower businesses to overcome challenges in scientific, engineering, and data analysis domains, fostering innovation at any scale. Simultaneously, Aruba Networks showcased its prowess in delivering high-performance networking solutions for mobile-first campuses. This event provided a glimpse into the future of computing and networking, positioning Techfruits as a pioneer in bringing innovative technologies to businesses, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of the digital era.

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