Techfruits Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Trusted IT Network Transformation
Consulting Networks provides one of the most comprehensive IT services portfolios in the market providing compelling and differentiated solutions.
The complete IT network management service covers all support and maintenance tasks as well as business-driven changes in the existing datacentre environment. This includes full network support, changes in network configuration to configuration of firewall, routers, load-balancers, switches and network troubleshooting. It also includes upgrades of software on the network devices.

“Setting up the right prevention measures is critical to stopping unauthorized users from gaining access to your network.”

What we do

Our success derives from our extensive experience, reliable, cost effective and network quality solutions. We proactively manage all technical requirement. Our core competences are ideally suited to provide consultation and advice on all aspects relating to Information and Technology.

We offer a truly integrated suite of services and experienced professionals to harness the full potential of your most valuable assets.


Our extensive experience and success are with four factors: the highest-level accreditation; breadth of capabilities; proven expertise and the ability to provide low risk / high value advanced technology.

Techfruits provides 24/7 network software monitoring (on-premise / cloud solutions) and support team that can help your business to benefit from a stable and reliable IT Infrastructure.

You can then be assured that your network is in the hands of specialists and that every disaster will be repaired rapidly.

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