Techfruits Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Shield your information system and sensitive assets.

Techfruits privacy audit ensures your organization operates with transparency, providing openness and clarity to all activities concerning the capture, collection, dissemination, and use of sensitive information.

“Certified auditors to provides IT audit, security audit & compliance services”

What we do

Your employees will produce risks. Our social engineering security assessment evaluates the effectiveness of your security awareness and education program so you’ll be able to higher shield your information systems and valuable assets.

Our web application security audit and penetration test evaluates your net applications and internet sites for security weaknesses like SQL injection, cross web site scripting, buffer overflow, and different vulnerabilities.

Techfruits mobile application security audit and penetration test identifies security vulnerabilities associated with your mobile application, interfaces to servers, databases, firewalls, and internal server configurations.


Techfruits IT audit, network security audit, and penetration check reviews your technology systems, people, and processes to spot threats to your network and information.

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