Techfruits Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

On the next level with Emerging Technologies

Techfruits  develop victimization rising technologies like Augmented Reality, Motion Capture and Computer Vision to create next-generation platforms change the way people interact with digital content.

“Our rich experience enables us to deliver gorgeous  quality graphics and content.”

What we do

Techfruits offer Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions tailored to our customer needs and respective industry segments. Our AR/VR solutions combine cutting-edge technology and ease of use. Our rich experience enables us to deliver gorgeous  quality graphics and content.

Empower your workers and customers with instant access to expert knowledge using the  Visual steerage, logical step-by-step workflows and real-time collaboration. It allows our customers to achieve results – faster and at lower cost
Transform your existing CAD data into applications for maintenance, training and operations. Take it one step further with our Solution for expert support.

We enable you to offer new and distinctive ways in which of experiences to your customers, deliver more value to your audiences, and create much more impactful interactions.


We provide practical and reliable technical consulting in AR | VR | MR Technologies. We guide you through concept refining, business modelling, design, development and project launch. We provide complete solution for building VR Lab (Software & Hardware).

Virtual Reality based applications make learning a practical experience, and experiences are what stick with online learners and enable them to recall the information for later use. Some concepts that appear to be dry in theory, fail to catch online learners attention for more than 15 minutes. This is where Virtual Reality can make them more interesting by adding practical application and immersion to eLearning.

Key Offerings:

  • Industrial VR solutions
  • Retail VR solutions
  • Immersive experience apps
  • 360 degree video Integration
  • Demand / Sales Forecasting
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